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6 Oct

Cadwell 2014

Well it was about time to try at least to get back on track in 2014.

Development on the bike has not stood still. Geometry altered,new front suspension,radial caliper and cooling duct from PLC Corse (see previous post)

Also the seat deserved an improvement… I wanted it wider. This was not due to too many fry-ups but an attempt to help me stay on the bike mid-corner!

The design was inspired by the VPI vespas really but with a little more weight forward emphasis.

So… its load the van and away we go..Its a fair distance to Cadwell. My plan was to go early on friday to get scrutineered and noise checked to save time on race day. Also my friends from Mallorca were flying over to watch the  Bsso racing for the first time, arriving at mid day.

Once settled , the awning fitted up and bike unloaded it was time for a cheeky pic.

Scrutineering was passed and all is well.

(pics by Pep)

Saturday – Race day1

Well nerves were doing their best to wind me up. I am always like this before riding. But as soon as I get down to the holding area they disappear faster than Marc Marquez.

(Thanks to Mike Oxley for the above pictures.)

Heading out on track all is good until nothing… the motor cuts after one lap. I suspect a sparkplug or dirt but with only one lap completed its not good for me in terms of track time.

Anyway.. I thoroughly check the bike.. top end off too.

(thanks for the above pics by Wayne Gowing.)

I can’t find much wrong at all.. Egt temps were fine.. not a single det on the sensor. mmm… plug change and carb clean and now its race time..

(thanks to Lee Hollick Photography for the above 2 pics)

(thanks to Stephanie Kate Hambleton for the above 2 pics)

The lights change.. I mess up the start 🙂 and find myself further back down the order than I started with! The fast group 4 machines pass me and its time to get going.

I started 12 on grid but by the end of lap 1 I was told later I was up to 9th. However the bike is misfiring and wont let me rev through the power band. Ok.. bring it in and lets have a look.

Calling Charlie Edmonds its decided to at first swap the ignition before looking at other possibilities.

(pic by Wayne Gowing)

So race 2 comes along… the problem is still not solved.

I bring the bike in after the out lap. There is not point damaging an engine for the sake of coasting around.

(pic by Denise Perry)

So… its not looking good to be honest..

I change some settings on the carb and wait for prastise on sunday morning to test.

Sunday race day 2

The bad news is that practise is cancelled. So race 1 on sunday is really practise for me. I head out and straight away I realise I have not solved the problem. So I ride the bike in and admit that simply this is not meant to be.

Next season cant come quick enough!

Thanks to all those who chipped in and helped this weekend. Its a pleasure to be amongst such good friends.

Thanks to Charlie for his help.And to DKS for looking after my bike at night and my Mallorcan friends during the day!

pic by Mike Oxley

pic by Wayne Gowing

With the bike basically ready to run for the top speed event it seemed a waste not to go back to try to beat the 106mph run from the Scooter Shootout back in September.

So hotel booked and a few minor jobs and off we go.

This time the track length was double. I geared for 110mph with a little over rev expected. So hopefully all would be well..

Also the track was reversed so a run with a tailwind may happen. This will help of course but the 106.5mph run was into a headwind and at only half a mile so surely we would hit the 110mph this time?

After a few ignition issues and a replacement of the reeds I ventured out checking temps as the bike stepped through the 5 gears. I wasnt quite happy so aborted the run to come in and upjet.

Second run and I open it up.. I found the mile far too long as I was flat out far too early.. could of upgeared further!! oh well.. lets see..

I held the bike flat out for well over a a third of a mile, temps all stable and motor happy 🙂

This was the result..

Next run my plan was to fit a GoPro camera to record a video. Somehow I knocked it and aborted the run. It was in my way crouching down so another time…

Trevor at Straightliners advised me to back up the top speed run. So fuel check and off I go. I didnt open the bike up straight away as per the last run, but waited a little longer. I concentrated more on tucking in closer , getting everything out of the airstream.

With the temps still stable the little vespa ate through the mile and this is what it achieved.

So 116.2 mph.. and definitely more to come if we want. Only thing is if I want to gear higher I need to get primary gears made. Maybe DRT will help in the future? 🙂

I would like to thank all that helped in the build up to this.

Charlie Edmonds of course at Performance Tuning.

My friends pictured below L to R

Maxi, Mark and Iain. Cheers for travelling over guys. And thanks to Dee for the picture too!