Well… we got there but due to the terribla weather and standing water it was unsafe to run..

so.. what to do?

I know… head to Scooterotica for the dyno-day!

The idea of Dan’s was to invite many high end scooters to have one day of comparison on one dyno.

I knew the bike had a slight misfire low down which needs to be resolved but it also got one up at high rpm which we investigated and found on the day.

It made 31.5 hp but not quite reaching its peak rpm due to low egt/pipe temps.

I would like to thank Shaun and Dan for the tea and biscuits. For their time and good idea to set some ‘standards’ and to see whats what. Some interesting results came out of the day and how they actually relate to the real world as shown by actual sprint times.

video here

dyno at scooterotica

Well Martin had a reasonable day… 😉

Running the white 50 Special “Misbehaving Martha” he went on to ride all day for two days with surely in excess of thirty runs down the strip!

He ran 1/8mile , the 1/4mile and even dipped a toe into the 1/2 mile running on his 1/4 mile gearing 🙂



The 1/8 mile                             First.. 81.8 mph

The 1/4 mile                             First…   14.16@93.6mph

The 1/2 mile top speed       100.8 mph

So I asked him why he ran the 1/2 mile…. “to crack the ton” he says and he done it…

Looks quite pleased about it too  (see below)!!

See the video also!